UltrePET is happy to provide customer specific quality grade material if requested. Contact us today!

All UltrePET Products are 100% Post Consumer PET

Product Line

Clear Washed Flake

  • Food Grade- Styles D-500FDA bottle grade and D-550FDA sheet/thermoforming grade
  • Non-Food grade- Styles D-716A

Clear Melt Filtered Extruded Pellet

  • Food Grade non-solid stated- Styles E-500FDA bottle grade and E-550FDA sheet/thermoforming grade
  • Food Grade high IV solid stated B2B resin- Styles F-500FDA bottle grade and F-550FDA sheet/thermoforming grade.
  • Non-Food Grade non-solid stated- Styles E-845 and E-800 as well as numerous customer specific styles

Green Washed Flake

  • Non-food Grade- Styles D-717A

Green Melt Filtered Extruded Pellet

  • Non-Food Grade non solid stated styles- Styles E-842 and E-840 as well as numerous customer specific styles
  • Misc. Styles to include washed PET fines (D-914 and D-915), Poly Propylene Flake from closures (D-946), and Poly Propylene Pellet (E-946)

Examples of End Market Uses

  • FDA Bottles – Water, soda, sports drinks
  • Non-FDA Bottles – Cleaning Agents, Shampoos, Liquid detergents
  • FDA Sheet/Thermoformed Containers – Fruit containers, bakery containers, fast food containers, egg cartons
  • Non-FDA Sheet/Thermoformed Containers – Battery packaging, health and beauty aids, industrial strapping
  • Fine Denier Fiber – Clothing, automotive interiors, carpeting, pennants, grill mats, felt
  • Engineered Resins – High end office furniture, automotive components

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