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UltrePET Announces Successful Start-up of Solid State Polymerization System
Bedford, Massachusetts, May 1, 2016 UltrePET, LLC today announced the successful start-up of its new, Starlinger ViscoTEC solid state polycondensation system.

UltrePET Announces Capacity Expansion
Bedford, Massachusetts, November 1, 2013 UltrePET, LLC today announced the completion of a significant capacity expansion  at its Albany polyethylene terephthalate (PET) plastics recycling  facility.

UltrePET Receives Letter of Non-Objection from Health Canada
Bedford, Massachusetts, September 14, 2010 UltrePET, LLC today announced that  it has received a letter of non-objection from the Health Products and  Food Branch of Health Canada.

UltrePET Announces Successful Installation and Start-up of New Plastics Extruder
Bedford, Massachusetts, December 19, 2008 UltrePET, LLC announced completion of a major equipment installation at its Albany, NY facility.

UltrePETAnnounces Acquisition of Novapet, Inc.
Bedford, Massachusetts, January 3, 2006 UltrePET, LLC today announced the Closing of the acquisition of Novapet, Inc, a  Canadian plastics recycling company located in Nova Scotia and serving  the provinces of Atlantic Canada.

UltrePETAnnounces New FDA Licensing Agreement withWellman, Inc.
Bedford, Massachusetts, March 7, 2005 UltrePET, LLC announced a new, comprehensive licensing agreement with Wellman,  Inc. to obtain certain licensing rights with respect to Wellman’s past,  present and future FDA Letter of Non-Objection (LNO)PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate) recycling technologies.

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